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Elica Rajlić

Uspinjaca co-owner & Suncana Vura director and mother of all agency's activities...the power-woman we all learned from and still do.

Siniša Golac
Co-owner and General Manager

Co-owner of Uspinjaca and General Manager, leading by example, always available, notorious cell phone addict.

Predrag Rajlić
Director of Crew center & Suncana Vura associate partner

Director, Crew Centar, Suncana Vura, and associate partner, the most charming and smiley person you could imagine, always ready for some fun, but keeps all job and finance done and accomplished.

Alida Bolarić
Director AU Pair programmes and Student Exchange Suncana Vura

Forever young, having been in the UK for years is a breeze of England in our office, especially when she is correcting our writing.

Jelena Miličević

Director, and Office Manager: Not only is she the best organized person and the heart of the agency, but she is also the one and only she in otherwise fully male population of Zagreb Uspinjaca.

Dean Bratušek
Scheduling Manager

If we say that his nickname is Mr Perfect or Staff Captain will say everything: there is no single action of a crew member he was not involved in.

Tomislav Merlić
Recruiting Specialist

Cool in appearance, but warm at heart. Photo, video and entertainment is his entertainment and job.

Josip Galić
Recruiting Manager

Der Supermann, our languages specialist and seamen administrating manager.

Nebojša Neno Martić
IT Specialist

The cornerstone of the technical equipment maintenance and good spirit of the agency.

Daliborka Mandić Projkoski
Director and Recruiting Manager Serbia

Lady of many professions and experiences, professional mom on the constant duty.

Dejan Veljković
Uspinjca Srbija Director, Administration

The legend himself, the most famous Serbian agent ever.

Jovka Nikova
General Manager Makedonija

Young in seniority, good heart and passion for protecting the candidates like her own kids.

Jasna Ljuca
Uspinjca Bosnia Director

One and only to guard and protect everyone, including us in beautiful Sarajevo, and all with a smile.

Dajana Keser
Manager Regional office Banja Luka

Smart, educated and working mom of two, sommelier by passion and dedication, motivator by lifestyle.

Andreja Bičak
Ticketing Manager

Gentle, serious and dedicated.

Darko Kovač
Ticketing Manger

Our dear senior in ticketing and representative of good, old times.

Ivana Selendić
Suncana Vura Ticketing

Smiley and sparkling, our flower, 24/7 on duty.

Danijela Mandić
Sunacana Vura Ticketing

Sport and style, 24/7 on duty.

Sanja Pangracije
Sales Manager Sunacana Vura

If you do not how to sell call and ask Sanja for execution, 24/7 on duty.

Nikola Prpić
Vura Hotels and Accomodation

Bass guitar is his life, during the day on computer, in his time off as a bass guitar player in his band.

Sanda Tadić
Uspinjaca Srbija, Director

One of efficiency and advise, and full integrity.

Ivica Matijaca
Director of Training Uspinjaca

Nickname says everything, the legendary Rambo who transfers his absolute knowledge and power to future crew members.

Jelena Markovikj
Uspinjaca FYR Makedonija, Director, Recruiting

Lady of many professions and experience, professional mom on constant duty, dedicating her entire life to the benefit of the Agency.

Vedran Rozmarić
Suncana WEB support

Quiet but efficient, sport spirit, easily spotted on his bike.

Maja Tevelly

Lady of numbers and good heart.

Aleksandra Jović
Director, Montenegro

Masterminded brilliancy and dedication covered with a shy smile.

Jelena Kucinar
Recruiting Manager Crna Gora

Youngest but the most efficient, solving any and every task.

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