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Siniša Golac
Owner and General Manager

Co-owner of Uspinjaca and General Manager, leading by example, always available, notorious cell phone addict.

Jelena Miličević
Director General Operations Manager

Director, and Office Manager: Not only is she the best organized person and the heart of the agency, but she is also the one and only she in otherwise fully male population of Zagreb Uspinjaca.

Dean Bratušek
Director of Scheduling, GDPR and ISO standard

If we say that his nickname is Mr Perfect or Staff Captain will say everything: there is no single action of a crew member he was not involved in.

Nebojša Neno Martić
IT Specialist

The cornerstone of the technical equipment maintenance and good spirit of the agency.

Dejan Veljković
Uspinjača Srbija Director, Administration

The legend himself, the most famous Serbian agent ever.

Jovka Nikova
General Manager North Macedonia

Young in seniority, good heart and passion for protecting the candidates like her own kids.

Jasna Ljuca
Uspinjača Bosnia Director

One and only to guard and protect everyone, including us in beautiful Sarajevo, and all with a smile.

Jelena Markovikj
Director North Macedonia and Recruiting General Manager

Lady of many professions and experience, professional mom on constant duty, dedicating her entire life to the benefit of the Agency.

Jasna Brancikj Avdić
Scheduling Manager

Moved from real army to army of crew members and special demands.

Danijela Pandžić
Director Montenegro

Behind shy smile is huge energy and a lot of experience.

Dragica Petrović
Recruiting Manager, Uspinjača Srbija

Sparkling energy, talkative but at the same time experienced, she is recruiter of modern era. Meets old and new world.

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