Wine Steward/Stewardess Marella

The Wine Steward assiststhe Head Wine Steward in providing guests with courteous and professional service, and a
variety of quality wines and wine services consistent with company standards, while meeting sales targets set by
the company, and increasing revenue.

 Assist with the operation of the department, achieve and exceed departmental financial targets, (revenue,
costs,) and assure guest satisfaction.
 Increase revenue for the company by applying up-selling techniques.
 Ensure that work area is properly stocked and set up as scheduled.
 Ensure professional beverage services in the restaurants.
 Oversee service in a section of the main dining room or an alternative dining location.
 Assist assigned personal with wine service in alternative dining locations.
 Assist the Head Wine Steward in preparing the restaurant for service every morning, afternoon or evening as
required, to ensure guest satisfaction.
 Possess comprehensive knowledge of the wine and bar list in order to assist guests with their choices.
 Provide suitable recommendations and apply up-selling techniques.
 Monitor all events and activities on the ship that are related to wine service.
 Provide input to the Head Wine Steward when scheduling events.
 Assist the Head Wine Steward with the setting up of wine tastings and any other relevant activities.
 Resolve any passenger issues.
 Report guest problems or complaints immediately any to the Head Wine Steward.
 Ensure compliance with company procedures, stock control and accurate charging to accounts.
 Utilize every opportunity to tastefully up sell wines or different packages.
 Assistthe Head Wine Steward with the inventory of glasses, utensils, and bottles, ensuring all glasses and
utensils are in perfect condition.
 Receive requisitions and organizethe wine cellar with stock.
 Ensure confidentiality when handling sensitive information.
 Achieve the primary objectives of the position and comply with the above mentioned accountabilities in a
timely and efficient manner and in accordance with company policies.

 Project a favorable image of the company, promote its goals and objectives, and foster and enhance public
recognition and acceptance of all its areas.
 Observe and enforce uniform standards according to company policies and procedures.
 Work within set cost budget and par levels, and adjust requisitions to avoid any possible over ordering.
 Promote, set up and organize wine events.
 Know about bar set ups, cocktail presentations and standard cocktail recipes and garnishes.
 Adhere to the drinking age policy for vessel.
 Attend weekly bar staff meetings and training sessions, as required.
 Perform other duties as requested by supervisors, such as escorting guests on embarkation and, and pier
 Guarantee safety, hygiene and sanitation practices are present at all times, maintai ning cleanliness of all areas
according to Public Health and company standards.
 Conduct general cleaning and maintenance according to Shipsan, the European sanitation program and U.S.P.H.
 Assistmanagement with coaching and introduction of new personnel.
 Maintain professional appearance to meet the following standards:
 Clean and ironed uniforms.
 Nametag visible at all times.
 Showers at least twice a day
 For males:
 Hair must be well-groomed and above the collar.
 Facial hair is not allowed in the Bar.
 Sideburns should not be lower than the ear lobe.
 No earrings are allowed for male employees.
 Personal jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
 All shoes are to be enclosed at the toe and heel.
 For females:
 Hair must be kept away from the face.
 Ladies should wear a dark-colored scrunch to tie back hair.
 Makeup should be tasteful and minimal.
 Personal jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
 Ladies may wear small earrings and one ring per hand.
 All shoes are to be enclosed at the toe and heel.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Minimum two years extensive experience in wine service.

Contract length: 8 months

Salary: 867$

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Wine Steward.pdf
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