Waiter Assistant Carnival


To follow scheduled assignments in 3 main areas namely

¨      Employee Dining rooms

¨      Room service

¨      Alternate Dining





o   To be prompt for all duties and functions, as per Company’s standard

o   When assigned to Staff & Crew or Alternate Dining, use Company’s standard table services.

o   To be groomed meticulously and ready for guest service with a smile always following the look book.

o   To carry the tools of the trade.    

o   To study and follow USPH standards

o   To follow garbage separation procedures and all other environmental issues on board

o   To train to become a Team Waiter

o   To follow all tasks requested by management.

o   To study all Menus

o   To consistently give service that exceeds the expectations of our internal guests (Crew, Staff and Officers)

o   Follow dining room standards at all times

o   To ensure their assigned station is set up to company standard for each meal time.

o   To serve and clear each meal to guests, and offer hot and cold beverage service throughout the meal, as per company procedure.

o   To ensure buffet table set up as per company standard, and maintained throughout meal service.


Room Service

o   Sign the Key Control Log Sheet every time key is used.

o   Follow the cleaning schedule for all machines and equipment.

o   Collect and deliver dirty items to Room Service ware washing area

o   Deliver all food orders in a timely fashion.

o   Deliver other orders e.g. wine, fruit baskets and letters.

o   To communicate any problems in your work area, or with guests, to your Supervisor.

o   To ensure all functions are set up in a timely manner and according to standard


Alternate Dining

o   Adhere to company-specified service standards

o   To be groomed meticulously and ready for guest service with a smile always following the look book

o   Ensure you are aware of ships activities so you can advise guests if asked

o   Set up for Midnight buffets

o   Ensure beverage stations are full at all times and cleaned daily

o   Engage in light conversations with guests always greet them with a smile



Organizational Relationship:

Directly responsible to the Maitre d & Asst Maitre d’s

Working relationship with, all F&B mgt,

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • minimum one year experience in food industry such as restaurant or any other food related establishment

Contract length: 8 months

Salary: 950 USD

Necessary documents:
  • Application form
  • Criminal background evaluation
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
  • Talent+

Attached documents:
   Assistant Waiter Job Description.pdf
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