Utility Cabin Steward Marella

The Utility Cabin Steward is responsible for housekeeping cleaning tasks to achieve company standards of cleanliness.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


* Assist and support the Cabin Steward with guests cabin services depending on the section, and as assigned by the Chief Housekeeper.
* Empty the trash bin
* Hoover the cabin carpet daily/as required or when needed
* Replace hoover bag and clean the hoover at the end of the day
* Hoover the corridor carpet twice a day
* Spot clean cabin carpet when required
* Spot clean corridor carpet weekly
* Tidy balcony furniture
* Empty the waste bins in the cabin.
* Make the bed/s. Change the bed linen / turn mattresses if applicable
* Report any repairs
* Take Laundry to the Main Laundry
* Place clean china, cutlery and glassware
* Remove all used china, cutlery and glassware
* Daily balcony furniture cleaning
* Clean balcony door (where applicable), Steward when balcony wash one time per cruise
* Clean balcony deck, Steward when balcony wash one time per cruise
* Close balcony door
* Hang up bathrobes (embarkation)
* Delivery of ice on request

*Be aware of sick guests, and ready to meet their requests
* Clean cabin mirrors
* Clean the mop and buckets
* Spray bottles must be labeled and product replenished daily.
* Sanitize hand contact surfaces
* Dispose garbage
* Clean cabin walls, ceilings as required
* Dust cabin air vents
* Clean cabin door handles
* Ensures personal appearance, hygiene and uniform are in accordance with company  rules and regulations at all times.
* Ensure Personal Protective Equipment is used, and proper procedures are followed at all times.
* Possess knowledge and comply with Shipsan, the European sanitation program, and the
United States Public Health rules and regulations pertaining to assigned work.
* Follow supervisor’s instructions regarding present responsibilities, or any new duties
* Ensures proper procedures and instructions are followed at all times to prevent damage of any kind to ship or company property.
* Maintains a safe and sanitary environment for guests and fellow employees.
* Respond correctly to guest questions regarding ship’s schedule, itinerary, ports of call, and onboard services when encountering guests in public areas or cabins.

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Ut Cabin Steward.pdf
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