Suite Host Seabourn

The Suite Host is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay on board the vessel, whilst following all cleaning and service procedures set out by Seabourn. This role contributes to the Company Mission Statement and Values.

The Suite Host has a great opportunity to offer the guest a cruise experience of a lifetime. They are to create an atmosphere of complete comfort and actively seek ways to create Seabourn Moments. Positive interaction with the guests combined with acute attention to details enhances the feeling of luxury. Decisions to neglect these duties will have a negative impact on the guests and ultimately result in the guests’ disappointment with the Seabourn experience.

Reporting responsibilities:

The Suite Host reports directly to the Assistant Housekeeper supported by the Executive

He/She is assisted by a Suite Attendant.

Key Responsibilities

  • Have full and comprehensive knowledge of all ship facilities and services.
  • Be a continual source of assistance and information to all our guests.
  • Maintain a high level of communication and provide feedback to the Asst. Housekeeper.
  • Be fully knowledgeable of in suite service, amenities, functions and systems.
  • Prepare the guest suite according to the guest preference and Company standards.
  • Familiarize the guests with all safety aspects and suite features upon arrival.
  • Create a memorable stay for the guests and follow up on all guest requests promptly.
  • Report any guest related concerns immediately to the Asst. Housekeeper.
  • Report for work on time and attend daily briefings.
  • Perform linen changes as per company standard.
  • Overall responsibility for the cleanliness, turn down service and appearance of all assigned suites.
  • Maintain all guest preference set ups in the suite and take primary responsibility of all living and sleeping areas of the suite.
  • Supervise assigned attendant in cleanliness of bathrooms and balconies.
  • Perform extra duties as scheduled
  • Control and safeguard all equipment and items used.
  • All suite services to be delivered to company standards.
  • Inspection form, standard set-up manuals and inspections performed by the Executive housekeeper or Assistant Housekeepers.
  • Pick-up and Delivery of laundry/dry cleaning for the suites.
  • Replenish the fruit plate daily as well as stocking the in-suite fridges and ensure glassware is always stocked and clean as per company standard.
  • Maintain flowers/Plants in all suites by refreshing and watering them regularly.
  • Provide shoeshine services upon request.
  • Assist with bookings and reservation for restaurants, SPA, shore excursions as required.
  • Assist and support the Attendant in all in suite service to ensure he/she succeeds. 
  • Record and update the Assistant Housekeeper, updating guest history files on daily basis.
  • End of contract cleaning procedures for suites to be followed and completed prior to the sign off date, together with the Attendant.
  • Follow all PH policies and procedures and to perform PH standards of cleaning in all lockers, corridors and pantries.
  • Use the correct cleaning chemicals; supplies and Personal Protective Equipment required to perform your duties as a Suite Host/Hostess.
  • Perform evening watch and long watch duties as scheduled throughout each cruise.
  • Perform any additional cleaning tasks required by the Executive Housekeeper and Assistant Housekeeper.
  • Follow the Name Recognition program as set out by the company.
  • Perform extra duties as required by the company such as Guest Welcome Back or Crew acknowledgement events as set out by voyage demands.
  • Report all maintenance issues in your suites and working areas as soon as you notice or are made aware of them.
  • Assist Housekeeping Management with training of new personnel.

Public Health:

 To be familiar with and execute the Seabourn HESS-MS appropriate to their position.



  • Uphold Seabourn grooming and uniform standard.
  • Anticipate the guest needs by creating positive Seabourn moments as appropriate.
  • Ensure Guest requests and needs are handled promptly as per Seabourn standards and procedures.
  • Handle Guest complaints professionally and promptly.
  • Improve the Guest experience by delivering prompt and efficient service and creating Seabourn moments.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • • A National Vocational Qualification
  • • Alternatively, equivalent Qualification in Housekeeping would be preferred. Strong command of the English language combined with good written skills. Basic Computer knowledge
  • • At least two years full-time experience as a Room Attendant in a four/five star Hotel or establishment, accommodating an international clientele and guest interaction
  • • Working experience with an extensive cleaning program
  • • Basic knowledge hygiene

Contract length: 4 months on/2 months off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Suite Host.pdf
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