Stewardess SeaDream

To provide friendly, personalized in-suite services to our guests, including cleaning, linen change and
room service in accordance with the company’s very high service standards. The corridors outside your section are also to be kept in immaculate condition.

• Prior to embarkation, ensure that all assigned suites have been thoroughly cleaned, made
up, and stocked with supplies in accordance with Company policy.
• Assist with escorting guests onboard during embarkation.
• During embarkation, introduce yourself to each guest staying in your assigned suites. Use this
opportunity to explain the features of the stateroom such as:
o Lights
o Television and DVD Player
o iPod docking station
o Internet connection/Loan of laptop PC
o Telephone
o Lifejacket location, lifeboat location and safety instructions
o Luggage storage
o Pillow options
o Blanket options
o Other items
o Follow up

• Make every effort to learn your guest’s names as soon as possible and use them when
meeting or serving them. Be certain to always refer to them as Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., and the
• Keep detailed notes on the particular likes and dislikes of each passenger for future use. Be
certain that the Housekeeper is informed so that the computer system can be updated.
Examples are requests for bed boards, top sheets, special fruits, soft drinks, etc.
• Always remember the importance of attention of detail at all times. This includes everything
from cleanliness to removing a wilted flower, placing items with the ‘face’ toward the guest,
a spot on a chair, a fingerprint on the window, a missing button on your uniform, your
footprint on the fresh bathmat, a loose hair, etc.
• Ensure that cleaning materials and utensils are properly stored all times.
• Maintain assigned suites and section, including passageways, bulkheads, overheads, vents
and ledges in a clean and orderly manner. This also includes.
• Periodical deep cleaning of staterooms is done as scheduled by the Housekeeper.

• Provide in suite meal service (room service) in a smooth, correct and timely manner,
according to company standards.
• Morning duties in the staterooms:
o Hang up clothes (if guest desires) and tidy the suite.
o Make beds, changing linen every third day, pillowcases each day.
o Place tables and chairs in the correct position.
o Check that all lamps, radio and television are working properly. Report deficiencies
o Freshen the ice bucket.
o Clean the bathroom and replace used towels and linens.
o Check amenities and replace as necessary.
o Replace any used glasses with clean ones. Dirty glasses to be washed in the pantry.
o Clean all mirrors, windows, tables, and flat surfaces.
o Dust all mouldings, top of doors, vents, and plants.
o Vacuum carpets. Pay special attention to floor mouldings.
o Empty trash baskets.
o Replenish the beverages in the fridge.
o Replenish the fruit bowl.
• Evening duties in the staterooms:
o As above, with the following additions:
o Turn down beds, place evening gift on each bed as instructed. Turn on bed lamps. If
possible, arrange nightclothes on the bed in an artful fashion.
o Close all curtains for the night.
o Deliver copy of daily program and any other necessary printed matter.
• When coming on duty, check your guest’s suite doors for laundry bags. If the guests have put
laundry out, take it to the laundry
• If the guests have hung out a DND (Do Not Disturb) sign, then you must respect it.
o If at 1400 the DND sign is still out, slip the specially prepared card under the door so
that the guest knows to call the Reception for stateroom service when they get up.
o Inform the long-watch stewardess that the particular stateroom is not made up for
the day. She will do it.
• Before leaving your shift, ensure that your part of the corridor is vacuumed. Check the
corridor carpet for spots and remove them immediately. Check for spots on the bulkheads
and doors and remove them. Dust mouldings and vents.
• Always use a linen bag for transporting dirty linen from the suite to the laundry.
• Vacuum cleaners shall be kept on the port side of the corridor, making certain that the cord
and hose are between the wall and the vacuum cleaner. This prevents blocking the corridor
and the possibility of tripping.
• The Housekeeper will give special instruction on the following topics:
o Garbage separation/handling.
o Chemical handling and Material Safety Data Sheet instructions.
o USPH matters.
• The cleaning of the pantries is divided among all the stewardesses and the piccolo.
• Strict adherence to USPH standards with regards to cleanliness, food handling and personal
hygiene is required at all times.
• Report all necessary repairs to the Housekeeper immediately. These include clogged
toilets/sinks/bathtubs, leaks or dripping faucets, loose electrical connections, or other items
which do not function correctly. If guest is in the stateroom and reports repair, call directly
concierge to be repaired immediately (clogged toilet etc.)
• Check all lights in your staterooms and replace them. Any lights which need technical
assistance to change shall be reported to the Housekeeper for immediate action.

• Use your checklist to ensure that all items are taken care of before leaving the stateroom.
The checklist will help to organize you and establish a routine for carrying out effective suite
• Before entering a stateroom, always knock carefully and listen for a response. Insert your
key, partially open the door, and announce your arrival. If the guest is home, ask if you shall
do the stateroom or come back. Make every effort not to disturb the guest.
• When working in a stateroom, always leave the door open. If you leave the stateroom for
any reason, close the door.
• Remember, as a Stewardess you are the person who enters the personal lives of your guests
more than else anyone onboard. Every effort shall be made to be discreet and efficient,
always respecting the guest’s wishes and private matters.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Minimum two years’ experience as Stewardess
  • Worked in a 5* environment
  • Service minded, attention to details and hard working
  • Good English knowledge
  • Cruise / yacht experience is preferred

Contract length: 4 - 6 months on

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Job Description Stewardess.pdf
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