Stage & Production Manager Royal

The PROD is responsible for managing all entertainment and entertainment technical disciplines of his/her assigned entertainment venue, and any auxiliary venues around the ship where Sound & Light equipment is installed. The below PROD Job Description must be read together with the relevant ship and entertainment venue specific SOP(s) and responsibility matrixes.

All duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with Royal Caribbean International’s The Royal Way, SQM standards, USPH guidelines, environmental, and safety policies. Each shipboard employee may be required to perform all functions in various food and beverage service venues throughout the ship.

In accordance with Royal Caribbean International’s philosophy of Anchored in Excellence, each employee conducts oneself in a professional and courteous manner at all times. This consists of physical and verbal interactions guests or fellow shipboard employees and/or in the presence of guest contact and crew areas.

Each shipboard employee may be required to perform all functions in various venues and throughout the ship.

1. Reporting Structure

· The PROD will report directly to the Technical Director Entertainment.

· In the event that the ship does not have a Technical Director Entertainment as part of its approved PAR, the PROD will in this case report directly to the Cruise Director.

2. Technical & Artistic Integrity

· Maintains the Technical & Artistic Integrity of all produced entertainment as it was originally designed and installed.

· Monitors all Headliner entertainment and provides immediate feedback to the Technical Director Entertainment and/or Cruise Director.

· Must schedule, attend and oversee all performances, technical rehearsals and rescue trainings.

3. Production Show Operation

· Coordinates production plans and directs activities of Entertainment Technical Staff and Cast during rehearsals, performances and cast installs in the assigned entertainment venue.

· Manages all the pre-sets and strikes of the produced entertainment in the assigned entertainment venue.

· Acts as Stage Manager during produced entertainment, operates stage automation console and/or show control systems and calls cues for Entertainment Technical Staff.

4. Maintenance and Repairs

· Manages the operation, maintenance and safeguarding of all technical assets of the assigned entertainment venue, including supervising the use of lighting, sound, communications equipment, and the use and maintenance of stage facilities.

· Together with the Entertainment Rigging Specialists, Sound & Light Technicians and Technical Stage Staff, the PROD must ensure that:

- All sound and light equipment, sets and show props in the assigned entertainment venue are properly maintained at all times; with the intention that the quality of all entertainment technical equipment is kept up to the produced entertainments’ original design standards.
- all repairs, maintenance and inspections as outlined in SQM and AMOS are conducted, and that all necessary reports are being completed and distributed on time. Any broken or malfunctioning equipment is to be landed for repair as quickly as possible.

· Communicates all maintenance needs with the Technical Director Entertainment and/or Cruise Director.

· Issues and completes all maintenance work orders in accordance with the scheduled maintenance in AMOS.

· Ensures that all equipment in the entertainment spaces onboard is secured, attached and/or properly stored to assure minimal damage or equipment loss in cases of rough seas or high degrees of list.

· In the event that the ship does not have an Entertainment Rigging Specialist as part of its approved PAR, the PROD must conduct regular and thorough inspections of all rigging systems.

5. Finance & Inventory

· Must understand the Entertainment Division’s budget and the various onboard ordering systems.

· Prepares and maintains inventory and orders shipboard supplies (which supplies can only be approved by either the Technical Director Entertainment and/or Cruise Director).

· Utilizes company sanctioned and approved ordering systems to maintain fleetwide equipment consistency (AMOS, JD Edwards, CT)

· Receives all purchase orders and/or RFRs in AMOS as required.

· In the event that the ship does not have a Technical Director Entertainment as part of its approved PAR, the PROD is then responsible for:

- monitoring the aforesaid budget against the balance scorecard drill downs.
- ensuring that sufficient entertainment technical spare parts are available onboard at all times.
- must consult with the shoreside’s Entertainment Technical Operations representative before planning or undertaking any large equipment installations or projects, or before making any larger equipment purchases.
- provides an annual technical inventory in the fourth quarter of all equipment with recommendations for replacement or refurbishment; with the intention to forecast the following year’s first quarterly entertainment technical order.

6. Staffing

· Manages the cross-training program to ensure that all positions within the assigned entertainment venue are, in the event that any position is absent for whatsoever reason, covered.

· In the event that the ship does not have a Technical Director Entertainment as part of its approved PAR, the PROD is then responsible for:

- communicating with and assisting the Shoreside Entertainment Scheduling Team to ensure staffing is consistently at approved par; and that all incoming Entertainment Technical Staff receive complete handovers whenever possible.

7. Coaching and Development

· Provides training, where applicable, to all Entertainment Technical Staff to strengthen their current performance and to prepare them for possible advancement.

· With the assistance of the Technical Director Entertainment and/or Cruise Director, address performance related challenges and initiate personnel actions (i.e. promotion and counseling).

8. Administrative Function

· Monitors the PROD email account throughout each day, ensuring that all important emails are replied to and that information pertaining to Entertainment Technical Staff is posted or disseminated. Where necessary, the Technical Director Entertainment and/or Cruise Director must be included in such communication.

· Must ensure that any and all business related correspondence of whatsoever nature takes place only via company approved communication channels.

· Attends applicable entertainment related meetings as required.

· Manages all technical support of the entertainment venues for all meetings, activities and entertainment for special group functions including, but not limited to, charters, affinity, promotional, incentive, presentations, and various theme night arrangements.

· Manages the safety culture of the Entertainment Technical Staff in the assigned entertainment venue by ensuring appropriate training and compliance with established safety procedures and SOP’s.

· Takes part in all required inspections of the entertainment areas onboard. Works with the Entertainment Technical Staff to ensure that these areas are prepared for inspection and that any findings are corrected immediately.

· Meets and greets all Headliners for the assigned entertainment venue, escorts them on and off the ship as needed, and assists with equipment and luggage handling as required. Liaises transportation needs with the Port Agent and submits any necessary LGA documentation.

· Responsible for keeping accurate and up-to-date records of all produced entertainment show documentation. This includes, but is not limited to, cue sheets, track sheets, stage plots and wardrobe maintenance.

· Ensures handover notes are prepared as required by outgoing Entertainment Technical Staff including, but not limited to, Sound, Light and Lounge Technicians, Entertainment Rigging Specialists and Head Stage Staff. Digital copies of these must be kept locally and remotely in the cloud data repository.

· The PROD handover notes must be treated as a living document where information is consistently updated. This document must include sufficient, relevant and up-to-date photo and video documentation to allow for a smooth change-over with the incoming PROD reliever; and should be shared with him/her prior to arriving onboard.

· Ensures that all passwords (administrative & entertainment technical) are stored securely and locally in more than one location. Both the Cruise Director and the Technical Director Entertainment must have full access to these passwords at all times.

· Must understand and enforce all company policies and procedures. This includes environmental policies and procedures concerning the use of chemicals associated with maintaining the performance spaces onboard.

· In the event that the ship does not have a Technical Director Entertainment as part of its approved PAR, the PROD is then responsible for:

- immediately notifying the Shoreside Technical Support Team of any urgent and time-sensative challenges requiring shoreside technical support (the Cruise Director must be included in the said communication).
- maintaining all entertainment technical backup files, both locally (on an external hard drive) and remotely (on a company approved third party cloud storage facility).

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Minimum 5 years show stage management experience in Broadway and/or Vegas style productions, or equivalent onboard experience
  • Bachelors, Associates, or Fine Arts degree in either Theater, Stage Management or Technical Arenas preferred
  • Relevant qualification in either Sound, Lights, Rigging and/or Automation preferred
  • Knowledge of technical disciplines: such as sound, lights, rigging and/or automation
  • Knowledge of music and dance as it pertains to theatrical performances
  • Knowledge of international theatrical production preferred
  • Demonstrated aptitude for the financial aspects of a theatrical operation
  • Knowledge of policies and practices involved in the human resources function
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate the need for technical support

Contract length: 17 weeks on

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Stage and Production Manager Job Description.pdf.docx
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