Public Health and Safety Specialist Celebrity

The Public Health and Safety Specialist is responsible for coordinating the execution of the company’s Public Health Program and ensuring the company’s public health standards are met and/or exceeded onboard. The areas included in the scope of the program are composed of , Food Safety, Water Safety (Potable and Recreational water systems), Integrated Pest Management, Outbreak Prevention and Regulatory Compliance.

· Coordinates with all divisions which perform public health related functions to ensure adherence with the highest operational standards of public health and compliance with company’s public health policies as stated in SQM, SOPs, AMOS and any other.

· Ensures company policy meets and/or exceeds regulations and requirements set forth by Public Health Regulatory Agencies world-wide including USPH-VSP, ShipSan, ANVISA.

· Conducts periodic public health inspections, provides guidance and support for all public health related issues and assists in the timely follow up and implementation of corrective action for internal and external inspections.

· Manages the Integrated Pest Management Program onboard, monitors execution of procedures including baiting, trapping, inspections, and ensures proper treatment, follow-up and eradication of pest related issues.

· Monitors Gastro-Intestinal illness activity and guides the execution of the company’s Outbreak Prevention Plan protocols under given conditions.

. Ensures proper completion and maintenance of all public health and IPM documentation, records and certifications (including logs and training records) in accordance to company policy and regulatory agency requirements.

· Monitors the proper execution and follow up procedures related to Water Safety, including potable, recreational, and technical water systems, bunkering, production, dry dock, testing for Legionella and testing for coliform and E. coli as per SQM.

· Organizes and delivers public health training to shipboard staff (class room style), ensuring awareness of all OPP protocols, public health standards, regulations and policies. Periodically verifies OPP Par levels.

· Routinely communicates program effectiveness, best practices and lessons learned to shore side Public Health Manager.

· As directed by the Staff Captain, assists in accident and investigation procedures.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Minimum five years’ experience in implementing and evaluating public health programs in the hospitality industry (preferably high volume, large scale company) and working with regulatory agencies
  • Extensive knowledge in public health standards related food safety (HACCP), water safety, infectious disease/outbreak prevention and public health education
  • Proficient in computers, Microsoft Office or related software and conducting internet research
  • Knowledge of training in a multicultural environment
  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Health or related area preferred

Contract length: 26 weeks on/60 days off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Public health and safety specialist.pdf
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