Nurse - Costa

Medical assistance for passengers and crew.

1. Supports First Doctor and Doctor with medical procedures and special examinations

2. Col lection of basic patient data

3. Archives medical documentation and other hospital records in compliance of medical confidentiality and other legal requirements.

4. Preparation and follow-up on consultation visits.

5. Joint responsibility with the First Doctor and Doctor for invoicing patients

6. Conducts laboratory tests and assists In performing x-ray images.

7. Performs disinfection and sterilization work in the hospital

8. Checks inventory of expendable materials, sterile instruments, and medication.

9. Guarantee the observation of inspection intervals for all medical devices.

10. Checks expiration dates of sterile material and medication

11. Control and documentation of the Maintenance Module in planned maintenance system.

12. In case of medical emergencies experienced by passengers and/or crew and upon special request from passengers, the nurse is obligated to provide medical assistance outside the hospital throughout the ship at any time.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Nursing Degree Certificate
  • 3 years’ work experience, from that min. 6 months in the Emergency Medicine (Intensive, Emergency or Anesthesia Dep.)
  • Good knowledge of English and German, confident MS Office skills

Contract length: 4 months on / 2 months off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   0NURSE JD.docx
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