Night Auditor Norwegian Cruise Line

• Commit to the Company’s Core Values – flawless execution, dedication to family & community, spirit of entrepreneurship, financial excellence and environmental stewardship.

• Assume personal responsibility for safety and NCLH’s impact upon the environment.

• Completes daily audit on shipboard revenue outlets and ensures integrity of the financial operations

• Act as central point of reference for shipboard information and services offered to guests

• Facilitate the flow of information to departments in order to ensure awareness of guest issues and assist in resolving any problems

• Assist Guests with routine queries and where possible, provide resolution to problems.

• Guest Experience

1. Demonstrates genuine concern for guests’ wellbeing at all times

2. Acts as a filter for guest complaints or concerns to Concierge

3. Ensures front desk logs and reports are maintained within RSSC Standards

4. Ensures guests requests are dealt with in a timely and efficient manner and that appropriate follow up is carried out

• Operational and Administrative

1. Night Audit Specific Duties

1. Post all gaming revenues and prizes to guest accounts

2. End of Day processes including but not limited to guest check collection, verification and filing, revenue centre financial reports, prepare and complete income audits ensuring integrity of postings between Micros POS and Fidelio, post crew discounts to allowance accounts, destinations daily balance audits, casino counts and distribution of final audit papers to department heads and Chief Purser

3. Prepares entertainer CD sales, Dance lessons and Fitness Classes sales reports for the Chief Purser to pay out the commissions

4. Posting shipboard credits to accounts and processing additional credits issued by Executive Concierge or Chief Purser from Amenity Databases, post art auction charges and post destination refunds

5. Ensure credit card routings are completed correctly by sorting, auditing and filing

6. Post Art Auction charges

7. Post Destination Refunds

8. Track SSS phone and internet entitlement

9. End of Cruise Auditing, Micros Close Down, audit documents to Chief Purser, preparer cruise end filing, system account closing

10. Prepare Ship’s Customs Declarations for Second Purser based on information received from Bonded Departments

11. Preparation and distribution of preliminary invoices

12. Preparation of invoices for guests debarking prior to cruise end

13. Preparation and distribution of final invoices

14. Balancing of amenity database and provision of back up to Chief Purser

15. Continuously reviews open balance cash on last morning of the cruise and updates Chief Purser

16. Completes daily bingo recap sheet and balances sales and payout to cruise balance report at cruise end.

• Reception Specific Duties

1. Attends to guest requests

2. Telephone duties

3. Logging guest issues in front desk logs and ensures follow up completed

4. Passes on queries from guests regarding on board account, amenities, shipboard credits flights etc

5. Attends front office meetings

6. Daily follow-up of all front desk logs

7. Creates all name badges as required for joining Crewmembers.

8. Performs all other duties as requested by supervisor or as listed in SOP Manual – Front Office

9. Ensures that company’s lost property procedures are followed at all times

10. Ensures a proper handover is conducted at the beginning and/or end of each shift or when a colleague comes on duty

11. Communicates effectively with Night Housekeeping Team for guests requests or deliveries

12. Helps guests to connect with Room Service or to follow up on requests as necessary

13. Contacts Engine Control Room regarding urgent maintenance work

14. Ensures that “Medical on call” information is known at all times, contacting relevant person in the event of an emergency

• Finance

1. Responsible for setting up guest account, cash payments and guest account queries

2. Responsible for all routings on guest accounts.

3. Providing US Dollars and foreign currency exchange services to guests

4. Providing Cash Advances and Foreign Currency Account Payments to guests

5. Safe Audits daily and foreign currency audits

6. Night Audit processes hereinbefore noted

7. Accounting duties as instructed by Chief Purser

8. Performs all other duties as requested by supervisor.

Training and Development

1. Assists in training new Night Auditor during initial handover

2. Completes, participates and promotes RSSC’s Service Training Programs

• Social

1. Maintains positive relationships with colleagues

2. Respects the privacy and rights of colleagues

3. Promotes cooperation and teamwork

4. At all times projects a favorable image of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, promoting its aims and objectives to enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas of operation or endeavors.

• Safety

1. Monitor the practical application of the Company's policy, procedures and instructions.

2. Immediately report to the Master any instances where the vessel is unable or fails to comply with any Company’s policy, procedure, instruction, and any safety, environmental, or security requirement.

3. Participate in crew and passenger safety drills according to instructions from ship’s command

4. Comply with company safety and pollution prevention regulations.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • MS Office Suite
  • Fidelio Cruise including (but not limited to) modules
  • Cruise Management, Quick Check In.
  • Micros Fidelio Point of Sale
  • Hospitality Background preferred
  • Reception and Front Office background preferred;
  • Auditing and Night Audit Skills preferred;
  • Excellent administrative skills;

Contract length: 5 months onboard/ 2 months off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
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