Masseur / Housekeeping

Qualified training as a physiotherapist, several years of relevant work experience

Experience in managing complaints, living up to service

Good educational background

(1)   Responsible for all massage appointments.

(2)   If there are no appointments after finishing the regular side duties (see below), the Chief Housekeeper can assign other housekeeping duties, depending on the vessel.

(3)   Cleaning Captain’s, Hotel Manager’s and Cruise Director’s cabin daily, the cabins of Executive Chef, 2nd Captain and Engineer twice a week.

(4)   The massage appointments have priority to the other housekeeping duties.

(5)   On vessels with no Hairdresser in charge, the Masseur/Masseuse has to take over hairdresser’s duties as per Hotel manager’s instructions; in this case he/she will not be assigned any Housekeeping duties. 

(6)   To guarantee smooth service operations in strict adherence to all relevant hygiene (HACCP), safety and environmental regulations in his/her assigned area

(7)   Responsible for the careful handling of all equipment and ma­chinery in the assigned work area

(8)   Responsible for the cleaning of the beauty salon

(9)   Other side  duties: After Welcome and Farewell cocktail, he/she has to help at the bar; cleaning and polishing the glasses.

(10)       Always available as contact for passengers regarding complaints and suggestions.

Keep a log/report of all Hairdresser’s and Masseur’s appointments.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  •  Fluent in spoken English and/or German, depending on the vessel
  •  Minimum age 21 years
  •  Flexible, trustworthy, efficient, reliable, able to work under pressure
  •  Respectful, friendly and professional conduct towards passengers and crew
  •  Integrity, good manners, well-groomed appearance

Contract length: Seasonal

Salary: 950€ + tips

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
  • Criminal background evaluation

Attached documents:
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