Inventory Manager - Celebrity

This position is responsible for managing all functions related to inventory management including but not limited to planning, forecasting, ordering, loading, receiving, storing, inventorying, requisitioning, issuing, and controlling of all Hotel and Food and Beverage inventoried and non-inventoried products. Responsible for proper management of the Inventory Organization in order to implement and execute best practices in inventory control procedures and processes as per company’s SQM policies.

Responsible for the overall maintenance of all Hotel and Food and Beverage storerooms and for ensuring compliance of USPH and MARPOL’s regulations and guidelines. Accountable for ensuring cost effectiveness and compliance of target levels. Support the inventory team to fulfill and complete all initiatives related to loading and storing of inventoried items.

1.      Responsible for managing all inventory functions for Hotel, Food and Beverage inventoried and non-inventoried products.

2.      Responsible for managing all essential duties related to the ordering, loading, receiving, storing, inventorying and issuance of all Hotel, Food and Beverage products.

3.      Responsible for maintaining all Hotel and Food and Beverage storerooms clean, organized, and in compliance with USPH and MARPOL’s regulations and guidance.

4.      Responsible for ensuring proper rotation of merchandise using FIFO (first in – first out) procedures and for monitoring the shelf life of all products.

5.      Responsible for ensuring adherence of company’s policies for the ordering, loading, receiving, storing, inventorying, and issuance of all Hotel and Food and Beverage products.

6.      Responsible for reviewing Food and Bar Master Orders in conjunction with ship’s F&B Manager and Executive Chef and for obtaining final approval and signature of corresponding orders before submission to Purchasing.  

7.      Responsible for the submission of Master Orders for all Hotel and Food and Beverage all items in accordance to company’s Ordering schedule.

8.      Responsible for maintaining proper on-hand inventory of all supplies following company’s established par levels.

9.      Responsible for making the necessary modifications to the Internal Requisitioning Timetables as a result of itinerary changes.

10.  Responsible for assuring that the Internal Requisitioning Timetables are followed for the disbursement of merchandise from the storerooms.

11.  Responsible for ensuring proper issuance of supplies from storerooms following company’s consumption par levels

12.  Responsible for the reconciliation process of all Master Orders in the inventory system within 24 hours of completion of loading.

13.  Responsible for advising the F&B Manager and the Executive Chef of any Food and Beverage related receipt discrepancies during the loading process.

14.  Responsible for sending via e-mail to the respective Fleet Service Agent, within 48 hours of completing the loading, a copy of the Post Voyage

15.  Discrepancy Report  listing all receipt discrepancies.

16.  Responsible for entering and posting the required inventory adjustments in the inventory system due to receipt discrepancies, physical count discrepancies, spoilage, and breakage.

17.  Responsible for conducting unannounced storerooms spot check to ensure items are correctly stored in order to minimize deterioration and waste and to maximize storing and space efficiencies.

18.  Responsible for maintaining the Inventory Cycle Count schedule for all Hotel and Food and Beverage items.

19.  Responsible for providing the necessary ongoing training to subordinates on precautionary measures to avoid bodily injuries and/or damages to company’s property when using chemical and cleaning material.

20.  Responsible for managing and evaluating subordinates’ job performance to ensure compliance with SQM policies.

21.  Responsible for ensuring that subordinates follow their schedules and perform the required tasks as per position’s job description.

22.  Responsible for making recommendations to Financial Controller regarding personnel actions such as new hire requests, promotions, and discharges.

23.  Responsible for reviewing and advising the Financial Controller with overtime requests.

24.  Responsible for publishing performance metrics report relating to inventory accuracy, turnover, space utilization, order efficiency, and obsolescence.

25.  Delivers copy of results to the Financial Controller and to shore-side Corporate Inventory Specialist and Brand Inventory Manager.

26.  Responsible for reviewing, approving, and signing subordinates’ timecards.

27.  Comply with all corporate standards and procedures as they relate to the entire Celebrity fleet.

28.  Follow ship’s rules and regulations as stipulated in the Employee Handbook and respect all Senior Ranking Officers and fellow staff.

29.  Attend and participate in all mandatory lifeboat safety drills on embarkation days and any other port days as scheduled by the Master.

30.  Performs related duties as required.  This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the shipboard employee occupying this position.  Shipboard crewmembers will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by their supervisor or management.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Bachelor degree in Business Administration
  • At least three (3) years experience in inventory, materials, and logistic management
  • Food and Beverage management experience in a large hotel, resort, cruise line, or compatible firm
  • Knowledge of policies and practices involved in the human resources function
  • Knowledge of public health standards (USPH) related to storeroom and management
  • Knowledge of chemical storage guidelines
  • Working knowledge of computers; proficient in Microsoft Office applications, mainly Excel and/or Access

Contract length: 17 weeks

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   0Inventory Manager Celebrity.docx
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