HR Manager NCL

Commit to the Company’s Core Values – flawless execution, dedication to family & community, spirit of entrepreneurship, financial excellence and environmental stewardship.
• Assume personal responsibility for safety and NCLH’s impact upon the environment.
• The objective of this position is to ensure that the implementation of all company human resource policies, training programs and service standards result in exceptional passenger satisfaction, excellent crew welfare, and positive business results by maintaining a productive and supportive professional working relationship with the onboard management team.


In particular, this management position contributes to the operational performance of Oceania Cruises by:
1. Leading, coordinating, and implementing management and crew training
2. Supporting managers in the reinforcement of crew related policies and procedures
3. Maintaining a productive and supportive professional working partnership with the onboard Senior Management and colleagues at all times
4. Leading and supporting employee recognition programs and Employee Service Awards
5. Maintaining documents and data required for talent management and human resources administration
6. Maintain proper Crew Welfare presence and execution as per approved policy
7. Maintaining operational continuity with a systematic and consistent handover procedure for replacement Human Resources Manager
• Guest Experience
a. Demonstrates genuine concern for guests’ wellbeing at all times
b. Pro-active approach to problem solving
• Crew Experience / Operational and Administrative
a. Communicates regularly with onboard Management regarding needed crew related issues and any needed training requirement thereby fostering a pro-active approach
b. Supports HODs in the reinforcement of all personnel standards, policies, training as well as any issues, following up as required
c. Is out “on the floor” on a daily basis and visible and approachable to managers and crew, also observing service standards and crew whilst at work
d. Evaluates and makes recommendations for the modification of Human Resource related policies
e. Recommends and implements OCI policies relating to onboard promotion, succession planning, and cross training, and assists and provides guidance to all HODs in regards to promotions to ensure that they are fair and based on objective performance
f. Helps to coordinate all formal disciplinary warnings conducted onboard, regardless of department. Ensuring that all allegations are investigated, that management is well informed of all relevant information/facts and that a fair hearing is conducted to protect the interests and rights of both the Company and the crewmember
g. Provides management with employee counseling as required, following up on disciplinary situations, ensuring that any required training is carried out by the relevant person
h. Ensures that all crew are evaluated in line with Company’s Performance Review Policy. Assisting and providing guidance to HODs for any performance review issues, as well as reviewing all evaluations prior to being issued to crewmembers (for both OCI and ICS)
i. To be present at all Do Not Rehire evaluations issued within OCI and ICS departments
j. Communicates standards of performance to employees
k. Organizes the Employee of the Month event as per procedure
l. Recommends and implements approved incentive programs for crew (Employee Service Awards)
m. Conducts and oversees the completion of TOTC as per policy, arranges for “guest speaker” if needed
n. Ensures monthly welfare meetings are carried out as per Crew Welfare Policyo. Supports and generally oversees the coordination of all crew welfare activities
p. Coordinates the Crew Welfare Activities schedule with the upcoming hosting department
q. Attends sign on crew meetings as needed and assists with sign on procedures when more than 10 crew members
r. Attends sign off meeting for debarking crew and assists with sign off procedures when more than 10 crew members
s. Assists Crew Purser with the physical Crew Clearance Procedures as required, particularly within US and Canadian Ports
t. Performs all other duties as requested by Master
• Administrative
a. Required to attend all written disciplinary hearings onboard and be informed of any counseling situations, resignations or emergency leaves prior to any action being taken. Also ensure that all onboard senior managers are also fully informed of all proceedings as required
b. Ensures that the required paperwork is completed correctly and that accurate minutes, statements and other paperwork is collected, logged and distributed as per company policy in a timely manner to onboard and shore side personnel
c. Attends SHOM and SSMM meetings, thereby bringing up issues, ideas and recommendations for further improvement
d. Attends Cabin Inspections as per policy
e. Maintains records of training participation in the shipboard electronic filing system
f. Assists and ensures that all OCI department heads conduct performance reviews of their employees as per company policy (for SSSL crew, refer to SSSL Human Resource Manual section 10) and within set deadlines, and uploads the final signed reviews in shipboard electronic filing system under the relevant crew member’s profile
g. Prepares Cruise Training Schedule for all training sessions for the upcoming cruise in cooperation with HODs, Safety Officer, SECO, Environmental, and Doctor
h. Prepares HRM cruise end report
i. Stays up to date with the contents in the OCI SOP Manual, ICS manual, ITF agreements and all other onboard employment contracts
j. Ensures accurate records of personnel related matters are maintained
k. Ensures Crew Birthday Cards and Birthday list are created and distributed/communicated by Crew Administrator each month as per company policy
l. Prepares standard Human Resources handover report, completes inventory sheet as well as organized data files upon completion of contract in order to provide a smooth transition period of his/her replacement
m. Ensures that positive Guest Comment Cards are sent out as per procedure and comments are effectively communicated to all crew in the crew areas
n. Training needs resulting from negative trends are identified and appropriately implemented
• Training and Development
a. Is familiar with all training materials and training tools and ensures that they are being used effectively. Promotes awareness of same to the HODs
b. Works with the Safety Officer, Staff Captain, ENVO, SECO, and Doctor to maintain a weekly update of a published, complete ship’s training schedule covering a period of at least one cruise
c. Creates and distributes participation rosters for each training sessions (except safety, security, environmental, and medical trainings) and ensures attendance entry into the shipboard filing electronic system
d. Facilitates and ensures training of all shipboard employees according to OCI standards and requirements is maintained:
▪ Welcome Induction 1 and 2
▪ The Oceania Your World Service
▪ Prevention of Harassment Training • Code of Ethics Training
▪ Anti-Bribery Training
▪ Certified Management Training
▪ Welcome Breakfast
▪ Performance Reviews (part of FOL) 1 and 2
e. Provides flexible training schedules for those who are unable to attend the regular training sessions
f. Assists HODs with incorporating Service standards of behavior in daily work by making him/herself visible in various working areas of the ship on a regular basis
g. Provides refresher courses whenever deemed necessary
h. Evaluates and recommends modifications of existing training programs and assists with the development of new OCI training programs
i. Facilitates, coordinates and assists with implementation of new OCI training programs for continuous improvement
j. Manages and facilitates cross training requests in line with company policy
k. Ensures that all new employees complete the training programs as per OCI standards
• Safety
a. Monitor the practical application of the Company's policy, procedures and instructionsb. Immediately report to the Master of any known instances where the vessel is unable or fails to comply with any Company’s policy, procedure, instruction, and any safety, environmental, or security requirement
c. Member of the Shipboard Senior Management Meeting SSMM, as described in SMS/DEH/P017.
d. Member of the Shipboard Safety Committee SSC, as described in SMS/DEH/P031.
e. Participate in crew and passenger safety drills according to instructions from ship’s command
f. Comply with company safety and pollution prevention regulations

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Higher College or University Diploma/Degree in Human Resource Development, Business Administration, Psychology, or related field
  • At least 5 years’ related experience in a management human resource / training capacity which may substitute for the education requirement at an equivalent rate
  • Previous shipboard experience required

Contract length: 4 months on / 2 months off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

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