Head Waiter Oceania

To ensure high quality service to the guests by leading and motivating the restaurant staff, in line with company
standards and policies outlined in the operational manuals and human resources manual, including coaching and
training the employees; planning, assigning and directing duties; preventing and handling guests issues; creating an
overall pleasant dining experience.

Create a positive and innovative atmosphere which encourages the restaurant staff to commit themselves
to the task in hand and where necessary, go beyond the call of duty in order to reach company’s
Consistently exhibits and transmits the company's service culture, is polite, courteous, accommodating and
displays a positive outlook and attitude at all times.
To be thoroughly aquatinted with the company’s operations policies as described in the Restaurant
Operations Manual.
To be knowledgeable of the Food and Beverage aspect of the operation, like menu knowledge and cooking
methods applied menu cycles and presentation standards.
To be fully knowledgeable of the restaurant routes of service manual that outlines company’s standard in
regard procedures and policies
Supervisory duties in different outlets that he/she is assigned to.
Personal practice of professional and clear communication skills, maintaining supervisors image using the
appropriate approach and ensuring fairness and respect to all.
Responsible in ensuring proper usage of the company’s equipment by controlling breakage and constantly
maintaining the par level in place.

To keep the Restaurant Manager informed on all guest’s issues, special requests, suggestions and
complaints. When assigned to the Terrace Café / La Veranda, communicates all relevant information to the
Maître d’ in charge.
Conversant with the work schedules, and side duties of all service personnel and middle managers.
To assign service stations to the wait staff from the respective assigned restaurant based on their
performance, attitude and ability’s without preference or discrimination.
Be involved with inventories of the respective outlet, conduct regular spot checks.
Regularly approach guests during their meals surveying impressions and comments related to food and
service; give special attention to VIP’s and demanding guests.
Ensure that all service personnel adhere to Company rules and Regulations regarding uniforms, personal
appearance and hygiene through the individual check-in process.
Ensure that menu briefings are conducted before each meal according to the Restaurant Operation
Ensure that all guest requests, inquiries and complaints are responded promptly.
Ensure that all special diets special request are fulfill as per guests requirements.
Train and supervise staff to minimize breakage, loss and damage of the equipment.
Conduct employee meetings and counseling sessions.
Maintain discipline and ensure that the staff is aware and understands ship’s rules and regulations.
Conduct regular inspections of restaurant areas to ensure proper organization, cleanliness and
Has full knowledge of current U.S.P.H rules and regulations and maintains U.S.P.H standards at all times.
Ensure that the assigned location is up to U.S.P.H. standards.
Conduct U.S.P.H. training of the restaurant staff.
Maintain and encourage a positive relationship with other departments.
Work close and efficiently with the Head Sommelier/Cellar Master to anticipate and communicate any
guests remarks in regards the beverage service in the restaurant.
Attends and shares any service related issue on the restaurant management meeting to ensure prompt
follow up on guests’ comments.
Must be knowledgeable with entire restaurant operation and daily events – scheduling, requisition,
inventory, breakage.
Familiar with the MLC regulations and ensure compliance of the procedures.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Min. 3 years’ experience in a 5-stars operation, hotel, restaurant or ship.

Contract length: 6 months

Salary: 4100$AVG

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Head waiter.pdf
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