Galerist Aida

Professionally, successfully and independently manage the gallery including conducting auctions to increase OBR. Responsibly and faithfully handle all artwork entrusted to you for sale, the respective frames, photo mounts, etc. with business profitability in mind

Main Tasks & Duties include:

1. Responsibility for planning, organizing and conducting all art activities on board
2. Responsibility for working with the Superior to coordinate the efforts of assistants necessary to conduct auctions
3. Creating a plan for each voyage that specifies how to make guests aware of the art on board and entice them into purchasing
4. Providing expert information about artists, their works of art, their origin and their creative periods
5. Getting the 'artists in residence' on board involved in the art activities
6. Coordinating an auction schedule with times and places for the auctions and the gallery's hours of operation in close collaboration with the entertainment schedule and in constant communication with the Superior
7. Conducting auctions in the presence of the Gallery Steward, observers and assistants
8. Developing the onboard marketing plan for AIDAheute, Life TV, block of commercials, and video shoots; incorporate them in the travel video
9. Organizing the changing of the exhibits with assistants
10. Creating supporting customs documentation (Offload List & Manifest) required for importing the artwork into Germany and ensure that the Gallery Steward gives the appropriate paperwork to the customer along with the artwork
11. Stocktaking
12. Creating transfer logs
13. Carefully creating invoices for gallery sales and auctions
14. Account for sales made by reporting to the Chief Purser / Rooms Division Manager
15. Providing feedback on art and art interests to the Hotel Director and Guest Commerce Manager
16. On Selection Class selling of BINGO tickets and Inventory of the BINGO checks


Leadership Tasks include:

1. Active leadership to enhance and increase the HESS awareness within the department
2. Supervision of all work flows and fields of responsibility in regards to safety standards, labour-, environmental-, health and hygiene regulations based on HESS and ECP regulations and maritime social responsibility, in compliance with approved budgets
3. Responsible for an effective scheduling of all team members with the T&A
4. Evaluation and potential evaluation, motivation and training of all subordinates
5. Realization of professional, disciplinary and budgeted guidelines. In case of any deviations inform the superior straight and in detail as well as take action in order to determine, document and inform about any countermeasures
6. Assure a cross-divisional cooperation with the department heads shipside and the superior shore side
7. Fulfill assigned tasks and responsibilities in IPM (Integrated Pest Management)


Responsibilities include:

1. Complying with all security safety, cleanliness and hygiene requirements
2. Carry out and maintain hygiene standards according to VSP, USPH and HACCP in the area of responsibility, including a proper waste management in order to assure a clean environment

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Completed studies in art history
  • Minimum B2 German skills
  • Computer skills according to the department’s requirements
  • EU passports only

Contract length: As per contract

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:

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