Executive Sous Chef Seabourn

Management of all shipboard food preparation to ensure that the line’s high culinary standard of cuisine is maintained within the budgetary limitation established as company policy. Assists the Executive Chef in his duties.

The Executive Sous Chef is responsible to ensure the guest satisfaction of the food product in their outlet. They also ensure that staff is trained in order to provide the service necessary for the continued service we provide on board. The decisions made regarding food costs and waste management is imperative to the success of the company as well as team morale and support to the management.

Reporting relationships:
The Executive Sous Chef reports directly to the Executive Chef de Cuisine.

Key Responsibilities

  • Assists the Executive Chef in his duties. 
  • Assist that all standard operation procedures are in place, adhered to and being followed throughout the ship. 
  • Evaluate assigned galley staff as per Seabourn personnel policy. 
  • Assist in training sessions for galley staff that is involved in food preparation. 
  • Oversee the care, treatment and training on galley equipment. 
  • Control inventory and maintenance records of durable (non-food) items. 
  • Control hours worked in his team. At the same time to ensure that overtime is kept to a minimum level. 
  • Maintain log sheet of all liquors and wines for food preparation in galley. 
  • Actively involved in yield and portion control in conjunction with Executive Chef. 
  • Assist in training sessions for galley staff that is involved in food preparation. 
  • Ensure that waste control is in place, grocery breakage minimized and garbage 
    separation followed. 
  • Assist loading on the pier that all-perishable food items are of highest quality before bringing on board. 

Public Health: 

  • To be familiar with and execute the Seabourn HESS-MS appropriate to their position.
  • Control and monitor cooling logs and blast chiller procedures. Follow up on daily checklists. 
  • Maintain physical spot checks in all fresh produce fridges in Main Galley. 
  • Supervise butcher shop to ensure that all meat items are being properly handled during storing, defrosting and preparation and to minimize waste. 

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • • Formal degree in food management from a recognized International culinary institution
  • • Proof of continuing education translated in certificates or letter of participation in specialized courses
  • • Strong command of the English language combined with writing skills
  • • 5+ years experience in a 5 star + hotel, cruise ship or high-profile restaurant performing the functions of a similar position
  • • 2+ year in same or similar position
  • • Certification from accredited advanced food safety program. Extensive knowledge in VSP preferred
  • • Preferred knowledge of cruise ship-catering operation
  • • Thorough knowledge of food preparation, presentation and preservation procedures. Thorough knowledge of Public Health and Sanitation's regulations and procedures
  • • Effective planner, problem solver and ability of successful implementations
  • • Ability to execute and follow up on food promotions and other activities that will increase guest cruising experience

Contract length: 4 months on/2 months off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
   Executive Sous Chef.pdf
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