Executive Chef Viking Ocean Cruises

To ensure the efficient operation of all food production areas, to constantly analyze quality and cost of food production, to keep within the set budget and monitor time management. To provide ongoing training and ensure that the standards set by the Corporate Offices are followed. To ensure safe, quality food production and full guest satisfaction. Responsible for implementing and maintaining all standards set by the Corporate Office.

Must open all venues in a timely manner with staff appearing in proper uniform.

Required to conduct checks and delegate all special food functions.

Establish the manner and means to train personnel in their area of responsibility according to standard operating procedures.
Hold excellent cooking and leadership skills with the flair and creativeness to enhance buffet presentation.
Must communicate with guests in a positive and composed manner and be able to accept criticism in a positive manner.
Must produce and maintain the highest food quality and control for all goods/products served in all areas, according to company standards.

Must enforce and conduct safe food handling practices at all times.

Is to share the overall responsibility of all food orders and consumption with the FBD in terms of guest count, itinerary, availability and usage.

Required to check all food outlets, buffets, action stations and food displays for creativity, quality and cleanliness.

Must constantly strive to upgrade the food quality and presentation, and establish the necessary control to maintain a consistently high level of production.
Is to evaluate subordinates as per company policy. Responsible for controlling food and labor costs in their area conforming with Corporate Office guidelines and budgets.
Conduct a daily morning meeting with all Galley Middle Management, CDP’s, Section Heads, Asst FBD and Provision Master to discuss daily operational issues, daily activities, menus and forecast figures.

Must appoint and enforce the specific job responsibilities to all key personnel working under the direction of the Executive Chef: Executive Sous Chef, CDC, Italian Chef, Sous Chef, Pastry Chef, Jr. Sous Chef / Pantry Chef, Head Baker, Provision Master and all other Section Heads.
Is to ensure and reinforce the daily Recipe review program with CDP’s and Section Heads. Recipe reviews to be submitted to the culinary department for review and approval.
Culinary checklists to be used on a frequent basis.
Conduct a monthly Recipe Book Inventory in conjunction with all personnel involved, and discrepancies must be reported to the Culinary Department.
Must visit the various food preparation stations and conduct random food tastings to ensure that quality and standards are up to VOC standards.
Keep a direct communication flow with the FBD for any provision related matters (slow and non-moving item list, inventory, standard products, maintaining par levels, FIFO)
Assist the Asst FBD to compile/prepare and project the food orders.
Fully responsible for the equipment store (ordering, receiving, issuing and maintaining par levels).
Must compile and submit reports reflecting the cruise and its activities/occurrences.
Must adjust menus according to merchandise availability and unexpected shortages.
In conjunction with all parties involved, the Executive Chef is responsible for the meal recaps and forecast.
Must spot-check all Venues serving food on a daily basis.
To ensure the recipe-training program is conducted as required.
Must be familiar with the Human Resources Manual and Shipboard Training.
Liaise with the HR Scheduling Manager after each crew movement and send the updated crew rotation list to the personnel involved.
Must have a thorough understanding of the working hours policy and procedures and how to apply it in the work place.

Control overtime and apply working hour’s policies and procedures accordingly (work within the set budget parameters).
Ensure that food preparation/handling is done in accordance with USPH standards.
Ensure that all Galley Staff is adhering to VOC uniform and grooming policies (hygiene, grooming, personal appearance, uniform, dress code)
Enforce the established working schedule for the galley team, based on 11 hours a day and 7 days a week.
Work in and as part of a team, not making any changes in the operation/menu without the approval and knowledge of the FBD and Culinary Department.
Be instrumental in organizing an efficient flow of production. Check all daily events, delegate and follow up.
Monitor all orders, particularly the expensive items (meat, fish, seafood/flagged items); ensure that the portion control chart is followed accordingly.
Fully accountable for the control and maintenance of all equipment in the galley, any damages/malfunctions being documented and immediately reported and followed up with all parties involved.
Check all storerooms on a frequent basis, ensuring that FIFO is applied, and minimize/avoid spoilage.
Be present during loading for quality assurance. Any discrepancies being immediately reported to the FBD.
Check the cleanliness and storage of Equipment in all Galley Outlets and adjacent areas.
Conduct food tastings on a daily basis, and ensuring any possible discrepancies (quality, taste, and appearance) are corrected immediately.
Enforce and conduct Meetings with all Galley Staff for USPH and general information.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Professional Experience and Education: Advanced Culinary Skills, Leadership Experience.
  • Requires a minimum of 10 years in the profession (Quality Hotels and Restaurants).
  • Communication and Language Skills: Must be able to read and speak English clearly to orate clear definitions to subordinates and able to interpret documents such as recipes and manuals. Other languages are considered a plus.
  • Work Ethic: Must be a serious professional and take pride in their work. Adherence to Company Rules and Regulations is a must for success on the job.
  • Profile: Strong administrational skills, team player, open-minded and flexible.
  • Computer knowledge: Must be proficient with Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and computers in general.

Job description, major responsibilities:
  • Responsible for leading and supporting a multi cultural team of Galley personnel, ensuring the highest level of crew satisfaction and productivity.
  • Required to ensure that menus, recipes, methods and specifications are adhered to as per company standards. 
  • Must work within set food-cost budgets, par levels, portion control and adjust food requisitions to avoid any possible overproduction.
  • Fully responsible for all galley equipment and the annual galley equipment budget projection.
  • Responsible for the general cleanliness of all Galley Outlets in conjunction with the Sanitation Officer and Kitchen Steward.

Contract length: 4 months on / 2 months off

Salary: 10500US$

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
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