Butcher Assistant Viking Ocean Cruises

Food responsible for handling all raw meat preparations assigned by the Head Butcher.
Must have basic professional butcher knowledge and have a clear understanding of how to organize the stores/freezer, being familiar with company standard items.

Basic professional butcher skills and a good understanding of how to handle, defrost, prepare and portion all cuts of meat.
Basic Sanitation Skills (USPH).
Basic mathematical skills and compute calculations.
Practice economical work practices and avoid any wastage.
Assist the Butcher during storing.
Follow thawing and defrosting schedules/procedures according to USPH and company regulations.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Professional Experience and Education: Requires a minimum of three years in the profes-sion (Quality Hotels or Restaurants); basic butchery skills are required.
  • Communication and Language Skills: Must be able to read and speak English clearly in or-der to interpret documents such as recipes and manuals. Other languages are considered a plus.

Job description, major responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the portioning of all meats (crew/staff) and other duties assigned by the Head Butcher.
  • Assist the Head Butcher with inventory-taking for all raw meat products.
  • Must be familiar with the Ship Rules and Regulations (SMS) and participate in all required Safety/Security Drills.
  • Required to have basic USPH knowledge and comply with it at any given time.

Contract length: 8 months on / 2 months off

Salary: 1310US$

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
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