Broadcast Technician Carnival

The Video Technician must be able to acquire, compress, digitize, duplicate, edit and store audio and video data for onboard production. Target and acquire satellite reception for the purpose of broadcast television. He/she must also be able to ingest and schedule digital media for playback on internal broadcast television system. Set up and/or operate audio/video equipment including microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables, and related electronic equipment for special events including presentations and meetings. Perform basic troubleshooting and routine maintenance of the audio/video equipment as well as in‐cabin television troubleshooting.

The Video Technician’s job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

• Weekly Video Production                   o Capture and Edit pre‐determined events on a daily basis.

o Have completed daily videos broadcasted no later than 10pm

• Support for Broadcast operations o Server ingest of on‐air TV content
o Scheduling playback of on‐air TV content
O Satellite TV reception o Interactive TV hardware and software support

▪ Loading voyages, refreshing content, etc…

▪ Vendor liaison for system troubleshooting

• Support for live video productions o Could include live switching, camera operator and/or PTZ camera operator.
o Examples include: Main Theatre Shows, Morning Shows, lido deck activities, naming ceremonies, concerts or special events.

• Promotions of the product that adhere to the standards and policies of shipboard advertising • Audiovisual services for special events:
o Could include group functions, ship charters, concerts, private parties, etc.

• May be required to film guest shore excursions off the ship in the ports of call. CCL will cover all travel, permits, or other costs associated with this.

• Support for local entertainment venues (branded and non‐branded):
o Two inspections daily (morning & evening) for all venues to insure equipment functionality and awareness.
o Provide support for malfunctioning hardware.
o Sky Box Sports Bar

▪ Make sure the correct content is shown on video wall & LCD screens within the venue.
▪ Make sure Digital Signage content is updated to reflect daily activities
▪ Make sure Jersey Frame iPads are functioning with proper content

o SportSquare (EA Sports Stadium) o Guy’s Burger Joint

▪ Make sure video content is playing during venues operating hours

o Punchliner Comedy Club
▪ Make sure Digital Signage content us updated to reflect daily activities

o Red Frog Pub
▪ Provide support for photo slideshow presentation
▪ Provide support for video jukebox

o Seaside Theatre (Lido Video Wall)
▪ Schedule content according to published schedules
▪ Provide support for in‐venue LED Video Walls
▪ Perform regular maintenance schedule

o Playlist Productions
▪ Provide support for in‐venue LED Video Walls
▪ Perform regular maintenance schedule

o Set up or set up and operate audio and video equipment including video screens, projectors, connecting wires and cables, and related electronic equipment.

o If an event is video related or includes video, then a video technician should be available in the venue while the event is taking place.
▪ Support for Digital Signage Hardware
▪ Perform maintenance and routine cleaning of audio and video equipment including: o Interactive TV, Satellite TV, Digital Signage, Large in‐venue LED Screens.
▪ Open tickets in IssueTrak detailing any new or outstanding problem pertaining to the ship’s satellite antennas, video, broadcast, interactive or digital signage systems
▪ Be part of the “Tech On Duty (TOD)” rotation providing both guests and crew with entertainment technology related assistance:

o Set up and strike audio/video/lighting equipment for group functions and meetings in various venues throughout the ship as indicated by the Groups Memo and/or Entertainment Technical

o Set up and strike audio/video/lighting equipment for crew activities in various crew or guest areas, as indicated by the Entertainment Technical Manager

o Set up microphones for other department’s presentations and functions as indicated on the weekly schedule

o Basic covering of duties (adjust microphone levels, switch lights on/off, play intro, etc) for some activities (Comedy Club, etc.) whenever the responsible technician is tied up with other more intricate/urgent duties that take priority.

o Carry the TOD mobile phone at all times and be reachable for assistance and basic troubleshooting regardless if at sea or in port (be present on board while docked).

o Periodically check and sign off on all packages addressed to Technical Entertainment, as well as CO2 tanks, etc, while in home port.
▪ Where applicable, be part of the “Just Ask” rotation (approx. 2‐3 hours every 6‐7 weeks/cruises), providing guests with answers to various general questions upon their arrival on board in home port.
▪ Attend any safety, hospitality or job‐related training as required and scheduled by the ship’s command or immediate supervisors.
▪ All and any work‐related duty or task as indicated on the weekly work schedule or requested by the Entertainment Technical Manager via email, phone or verbally.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Associate Degree in Video Production or equivalent work experience
  • Excellent shooting and editing skills, knowledge of editing systems/programs
  • Experience with Broadcast head‐end distribution, TVRO Satellite Antennas, Interactive TV Systems, Digital Media and Digital Signage preferred
  • Good knowledge in PC hardware & software maintenance and repair
  • Comfortable working at heights up to 35ft (10.5m), be able to safely climb an A‐frame ladder and properly operate a Genie lift
  • Excellent English verbal skills, able to understand and speak fluently in tough environments (over communication headsets, in noisy areas, different accents, etc)

Contract length: 6-7 months

Salary: 2700 $

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
  • Criminal background evaluation

Attached documents:
   Job Description - Broadcast Technician.pdf
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