Provides efficient, fast, professional and courteous service to all guests, as well as demonstrating
excellent salesmanship. The goal of this position is to help maintain a smooth operation of the bars on a
day-to-day basis according to company policy.



To support Celebrity Cruises’ mission of becoming “the world’s ultimate premium cruise line with a taste of luxury,” all duties and responsibilities are to be performed in accordance with Celebrity Cruises’ Pillars of Safety, Service and Style, ISM/ISO and SQM standards, USPH guidelines, and environmental regulations.


Each shipboard employee may be required to perform all functions in various service venues and throughout the ship.


1.         In accordance with Celebrity Cruises’ Pillars of Safety, Service and Style, as well as through Celebrity Connections, each employee conducts oneself in a professional and courteous manner at all times. This consists of physical and verbal interactions with guests or fellow shipboard employees and/or in the presence of guest contact and crewmember areas.


2.         Directs, coaches, supports, supervises and evaluates (in conjunction with the Assistant Bar

Manager) the performance of all direct reports.


3.         Before the bar opens:

•      Reports for duty at least one hour before the bar opens.



•      Opens the liquor cabinets and all other locks and places bottles in position.

•      When space allows, display bottles in speed rack in the following order from left to right:

Scotch, Bourbon, Blend Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Triple Sec, Dry Vermouth, Sweet

Vermouth, Roses Lime Juice, Mai Tai, Grenadine.

•      Checks all juices and mixes to be sure nothing is spoiled. A small portion of the

non-alcoholic mix or juice should be sampled to ensure that nothing tastes acidic or smells foul.

•      Ensures that there is an adequate supply of mixes, canned sodas, syrups, garnishes and


•      Prepares a requisition for any supplies needed and forwards it in to the Bar Manager’s

office for signature.

•      Keeps the entire bar area cleaned and sanitized.

•      Sets up the bar counter with menus, napkins, straws, stirrers, matches and ashtrays.

•      Soiled or torn menus are not to be used.


4.         Provisioning:

•      All bar staff must assist with loading and unloading provisions from the marshaling area.

These provisions go to the stores and then from the stores to the bars (no slippers, sandals or clogs are to be worn).


5.         Serving:

•      Greets guests by name, with a smile and in a friendly manner, and the appropriate “Good

Morning”,  “Good Afternoon”, or “Good Evening” Sir or Madam.

•      Guests are always served before staff members; ladies’ orders are to be taken and served


•      Always carries a lighter or matches to light guests’ cigarettes.

•      Ensures that the correct order is taken; if in doubt, asks again or repeats the order.

•      Remembers what guests drink in order to ensure guest satisfaction.

•      Serves non-alcoholic beverages and water in the same courteous manner as when serving

alcoholic beverages.

•      Does not hesitate to ask for identification (proof of age) when in doubt that a guest is not

of drinking age.

•      Always places napkins in front of the guest with the logo facing up.

•      Fills orders using a shot glass for measurement. The proper pour level is in between the

optical line and the top of the glass.

•      All drinks are to be served in the appropriate glass and properly garnished (see cocktail


•      If a guest orders a specific brand, he/she must be served that brand. If we do not carry a

brand requested an alternate brand is to be suggested.

•      Carefully avoids glass breakage near ice. If a glass does break near ice, the ice bin must

be completely emptied, flushed out thoroughly, re-sanitized and refilled.

•      Keeps the bar clean at all times, including the ashtrays.  When changing ashtrays, the

following procedures are used:

-           Place one clean ashtray on top of the soiled one.

-           Remove both ashtrays.

-           Place a clean ashtray on the table.

•      Offers snacks during cocktail hours and keeps snacks replenished when appropriate.

•      Is in charge of the bar when management is not present.

•      If something on a guest, apologizes immediately and offers them a clean bar side towel.

Reports the incident to management so that a complimentary dry cleaning card can be





•      Rings the appropriate number for each drink served. Ensures that the check is correct

before presenting it.

•      All lost and found items must be turned into the Front Office immediately.

•      Ensures personal appearance, personal hygiene and uniform appearance are at all times

in accordance with company policy.

•      Has full knowledge of current USPH rules and regulations and maintains USPH

standards at all times.

•      Create a fun and entertaining atmosphere for the guest.

•      Attends Bar Department weekly meetings and training sessions as required.

•      Mixes drinks, cocktails, and bar beverages as ordered and in compliance with company


•      Is responsible for properly filling orders placed by bar waiters and cocktail waitresses

and doing so in a prompt and efficient manner.

•      Assists in the training of new personnel and makes certain that new crewmembers are

fully oriented to proper procedures and policies.

•      Responsible for controlling beverage costs in his/her area.

•      Reports any malfunctions of bar equipment.

•      Must be aware of the need to increase profits and reduce costs where possible.

•      Reports any accident or dangerous occurrences to management.


6.         Is aware of, and/or acquires the necessary knowledge to comply with the ship’s standard operation, in order to assist guests and crewmembers with inquiries.


7.         Attends meetings, training activities, courses and all other work-related activities as required.


8.         Performs related duties as required.  This position description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the  shipboard employee occupying this position. Shipboard employees will be required to perform any other job-related duties assigned by their supervisor or management.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Minimum of three years beverage-related experience (shipboard experience preferred), or an equivalent combination of experience and education
  • Ability to speak English clearly, distinctly and cordially with guests.
  • Ability to speak additional languages preferred.
  • minimum 21 years of age

Contract length: 29 weeks on / up to 60 days off

Salary: Please contact the agency in regards salary

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
  • Criminal background evaluation

Attached documents:
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