Bar waiter

To provide quality beverage service to our guests and to suggest and promote drinks that will, proportionally, increase revenue.




Responsibility and authority (He/she will be responsible for):

•      To arrive at work at the specified time in a clean, company specified uniform.

•      Bar servers must have a comprehensive knowledge of the ingredients and prices of all drinks on the menu as well as the daily specials and any promotional sale for the day.

•      To ensure that the waiter station is set up according to the Carnival standard as well as fully stocked with ice and glasses.

•      To ensure that tables are kept clean and that menus and ashtrays are clean and in place.

•      Scrutinize the bar area to ensure all furniture is in good condition.  Report any deficiency to the

Bar Manager or Assistant bar manager.

•      To be aware of any special promotions and advise your guests accordingly.

•      To be aware of all activities outlined in the Carnival Capers and inform your guests accordingly.

•      Liaise with the Bar management on all matters pertaining to bar activities.

•      Ensure correct sail and sign procedures are followed at all times.

•      Advise Bar management or security guard when a guest or guests appear to be intoxicated and behaving in such a way that they need to be monitored for their well being.

•      Ensure that the bar is cleaned at the end of each shift as per the established standards.

•      Punctually attend all meetings as required by the management.

•      Attend all safety drills as requested by the ships command.

•      To perform other duties as per management instructions.

•      To attend all scheduled private parties and functions.


Organizational Relationships:


All bar servers report to their immediate supervisor, the bartender responsible for the bar where they are working, but ultimately to the Bar Management.


Working Relationship With:


Bar Manager, Assistant Bar Manager, Bar Servers, Bar Stewards


Contract length: 6 months

Salary: Minimum monthly sallary 1400$ based on 15% sales (actually 2000$ and up)

Necessary documents:
  • Application form
  • Criminal background evaluation
  • CV
  • Marlins
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
  • Talent+

Attached documents:
   Hotel Ops - JD - Bar Server (2).pdf
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