Automation Technician Carnival Cruise Lines

The Automation Technician is the operator of the automated stage rigging system in the main theater (up to 32 axes of automation) for all shows and activities (includes full‐cast production shows, magic shows, variety shows, Welcome Aboard Show, Game Shows, lounge talks & presentations and more). She/he is also responsible for the cleaning & maintenance of the drops as well as assisting the Floor Technician with the maintenance and repair of the scenery and props.

The Automation Technician is expected to act professionally and must be able to comply with all shipboard rules and regulations (including but not limited to Safety Trainings/Drills/Rules, Carnival Look, Uniform & Dress Code, Alcohol Policy, Hygiene Standards, etc).

The Automation Technician’s job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

• Perform show load‐ins and load‐outs with rest of the tech team for each show

• Perform a rig check before each show following the preshow checklist procedure: o Power cycle control cabinets o Verify calibration and position of all the automated units o Run a cue‐by‐cue of the automated sequences for the show on an empty stage. o Perform a dry-run of the show firing all sequenced programing to time-code.

o Load in, setup, and perform pre‐show checklists of sets, props and applications.

• Open tickets in IssueTrak detailing any new or outstanding problem pertaining to the computer or mechanical rigging system

• Immediately notify the Entertainment Technical Manager, Entertainment Director, Shipboard and Shoreside Supervisors upon finding any fault or malfunction that could affect the safety of the cast, running crew, guests, or the ship itself during the show, if operated.

• Safely and securely operate all of the automated equipment during all shows, as per the provided cue sheets and upon being given clearance over the intercom by the Floor Technician, and also after double checking visually in person and on the surveillance camera monitors.

NOTE: Any negligent/unsafe operation of the automated rigging systems which poses a safety risk, or causes the potential for equipment damage is subject for review. Review may result in disciplinary action including the possibility of termination of employment.

• Perform cleaning and basic maintenance of the stage rigging system that includes:

o Cleaning of the drops and stage LED screens from dust and pyro residue o Vacuuming under the stage turntable o Inspect aircraft cables for twisting, kinks, unraveling, etc. o Inspect the orchestra pit for garbage, fallen objects, various hazards, etc.

o Basic maintenance of PC components & hardware o Cleaning and calibration of orchestra lift/turntable

o Cleaning and calibration/replacement of encoder couplings and cabling

o Maintaining proper trim height (limits) for all line sets

o Coordinating more intricate repairs through the shipboard Engine Department and shoreside Entertainment Technical Department

• Assist the Floor Technician with scenery and stage floor vinyl spot‐repairs

• Respond to regular work calls to perform (together with the Floor, Audio & Lighting Technicians) theater general cleaning and repairs

• Be available for different rehearsals, tech runs, etc. as indicated by the weekly work schedule or as requested by the Entertainment Technical Manager with at least 12 hours prior notice.

• Occasionally assist the Light Tech with loading pyro before shows (after proper training and certification being provided on board)

• Assist organized groups and charters with their requirements pertaining to the Automation Tech working areas and responsibilities.

• Assist with additional multiple show setups, rehearsals and tech runs during cast change (typically happening every six months for about 2-3 weeks)

• Depending on the experience and willingness, could share the responsibility of cast‐shoes sole repairs (gluing of the cat’s‐paw, etc) with the Floor Technician (paid additionally)

• Familiarize with basic audio/video/lighting equipment setup and operation, to be able to take on the “Tech On Duty” responsibility no later than four weeks after first joining a ship.

• Be part of the “Tech On Duty (TOD)” rotation providing both guests and crew with entertainment technology related assistance:

o Set up and strike audio/video/lighting equipment for group functions and meetings in various venues throughout the ship as indicated by the Groups Memo and/or Entertainment Technical

o Set up and strike audio/video/lighting equipment for crew activities in various crew or guest areas, as indicated by the Entertainment Technical Manager

o Set up microphones for other department’s presentations and functions as indicated on the weekly schedule

o Basic covering of duties (adjust microphone levels, switch lights on/off, play intro, etc) for some activities (Comedy Club, etc.) whenever the responsible technician is tied up with other more intricate/urgent duties that take priority.

o Carry the TOD mobile phone at all times and be reachable for assistance and basic troubleshooting regardless if at sea or in port (be present on board while docked).

o Periodically check and sign off on all packages addressed to Technical Entertainment, as well as CO2 tanks, etc, while in home port.

• Be part of the “Just Ask” rotation providing guests with answers to various general questions upon their arrival on board in home port.

• Attend any safety, hospitality or job‐related training as required and scheduled by the ship’s command or immediate supervisors, including port‐manning rotation.

• Ensure proper and thorough training on all job‐related aspects to the incoming replacement technician during the handover period.

• All and any work‐related duty or task as indicated on the weekly work schedule or requested by the Entertainment Technical Manager via email, phone or verbally.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • Associate Degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or a minimum of one year equivalent work experience
  • Theater background and experience, be familiar with industry terms, standards, rules, regulations and common practices
  • Basic knowledge in PC hardware & software maintenance and repair
  • Basic rigging knowledge, able to inspect and identify issues and hazards (rigging maintenance & repairs are performed by outside contracted companies)
  • Comfortable working at heights, be able to safely climb to operate electric hoists for various scenery pieces hanging at heights up to 35ft (10.5m)
  • Be able to work in a “review‐house” environment, with different shows happening in the same theater throughout the cruise, each one requiring different setups and pre‐checks.
  • Excellent English verbal skills, able to understand and speak fluently in show‐running environments (over communication headsets, in noisy areas, different accents, etc)
  • Must be able to safely climb an A‐frame ladder and properly operate AWP

Contract length: 6 months

Salary: $ 2700.00

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
  • Criminal background evaluation

Attached documents:
   Job Description - Automation Technician.pdf
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