Asst F&B Manager CCL

The primary responsibility of the Assistant Food and Beverage Manager is to deliver world-class quality food and beverage service to guests, which consistently and effectively reflects the luxurious nature.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities


* Ensure the efficient operation of all beverage service outlet areas .

* Analyze the quality and cost of beverage service, keeping within the set budget.

* Monitor time management.

* Ensure public health standards throughout the F&B and housekeeping operation are followed.

* Provide ongoing training and ensure that the standards set by the Corporate Offices are followed.

* Work in an assigned area and on a schedule assigned by the Food & Beverage Director following all rules and regulations of the company.

* Inform Food and Beverage Director promptly regarding all relevant matters.

* Assume the duties of the Food and Beverage Director in the event of his/her absence.

*Monitor guest satisfaction of the department, especially wine service and bar operation, measured by comment cards.

* Oversee compliance of Public Health regulations.
* Ensure that all bars and beverage areas are properly staffed, stocked, set up and open as scheduled.

* Monitor the par level of the beverages , beverage supplies, and equipment/tools for the bars and wine cellars are maintained.

* Maintain prompt beverage service in the restaurants during service, actively participating in the restaurant supervision at peaks times.

*Monitor guest flow in public areas to ensure prompt beverage service to all guests.

*Communicate effectively to the bar team to reflect our service anchors (Benchmark of Excellence and Regent Seven Seas Cruises values ) at all times.

*Advise the team of all events and activities on the ship at all times.

* Manage staff to enforce the Regent Alcohol Policy.

* Monitor the quality and service of canapés during the cocktail hours.

* Monitor the set up of the caviar bar and the caviar selection, and confirm compliance with Regent

* Log the temperatures of all fridges, freezers and dishwashers in beverage venues, according to Regent Seven Seas Cruises procedures and legal guidelines.

*Oversee the maintenance of all equipment in all food and beverage areas.

*Liaise with the Food & Beverage Director and the entire department to establish and achieve
predetermined profit objectives.

*Maintain standards of quality of food, service, and cleanliness.

* Update team on a regular basis of targets, costs and monitoring procedures.

* Motivate the team to up-sell and generate revenue.

* Provide ideas to maximize beverage revenue and minimize costs.

* Review financial transactions and monitor budget.

*Review operating procedures for revenue enhancement opportunities.

* Screen requisition estimates for beverage replacements, supplies, purchases, etc. for final approval.

* Keep an accurate inventory of glasses, utensils and bottles, producing an order when necessary.

* Check all requisitions before the final approval by F&B Director.

* Supervise individual performance, while providing feedback and follow up, with the assistance of the HR Manager.

* Update the HR Manager regarding personnel issues, to assist HR with staff planning, skills shortages, service standards and other training that may be requi red.

* Create a positive and open atmosphere in the department in order to maximize staff productivity.

* Evaluate the use of manpower and its impact on revenue.

* Monitor department work schedules, to comply with Regent Seven Seas Cruises policies and procedures.

* Possess a thorough understanding of TAR, employee contracts, and work schedules.

* Assist the F&B Director in overseeing the F&B operation.

*  Maintain confidentiality when handling sensitive information.

* Project a favorable image of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, promote its aims and objectives , and foster and enhance public recognition and acceptance of all its areas and endeavors.

* Promote Regent Seven Seas Cruises values – Service Anchors:


Ownership                      Takes full responsibility for the quality of his – her work.              Personalized  Service       Makes every crew and guest interaction unique and memorable,                                                     exceeding expectations.
Expertise                       Exhibits knowledge and expertise.
Natural Approach            Effortlessly provides attentive, sincere and caring service for crew and                                             guests in a comfortable atmosphere.

* Monitor and enforce grooming and uniform standards according to company policies and procedures.


Daily Responsibilities: 

* Verify PH standards and compile reports to send to respective parties for ac tion and follow up.

* Attend F&B meeting and convey information from meeting as needed.

* Conduct public area walk around during peak times, including the Pool Deck on sea days.

* Review outstanding maintenance issues and follow up.

* Oversee bar requisition/transfers/spoilage/breakage, holding the senior bartender accountable for service standards and set ups.

* Monitor crew mess for food quality and service.

* Monitor crew bar sales and inventory

* Review daily bar sales / identify cruise trends and make relevant revenue suggestions.

* Random checks of internal requisition posting for accuracy.

* Review and authorization of daily party sheets.

* Review of inventory adjustments and posting if satisfied.

Weekly/End of cruise Responsibilities

* Spot-check weekly counts (caviar/tobacco/local beverage).

* Meet with all group leaders to review memos/functions etc.

* Review perpetual inventories.

* Review and control in-suite liquor set ups and orders.

* Provide USPH training for new crew and periodical refresher USPH training of existing crew.

* Participate in various meetings (Revenue, Maintenance, HD, etc.)

* Complete probationary and sign off reviews for bar department.

* Review bar ratings and comments.

* Complete voyage report.

* Assist Provision Master on loading day as required.

Monthly Responsibilities

* Spot-check all monthly inventories.

* Ensure in use count is carried out and accurate.

* Ensure all printed materials are accurate and up to date.

* Review monthly durables consumption, stock on hand and adherence to budget.

* Keep team fully up to date on SSSL/ FBS, USPH, MMPM and SOP.


Training & Development

* Serve as a true ambassador of Regent Seven Seas Cruises and our Service Anchors.

* Ensure that the beverage team is well trained in company procedures to ensure stock control and accurate charging to accounts.

* Ensure the training modules are carried out in a timely manner and the training-tracking log is maintained.

* Train, supervise and apply corrective actions regarding Public Health programs within the department.

* Provide training and guidance for staff.

* Conduct employee meetings to maximize communication.

* Attend all meetings, training activities, courses and all other work-related activities as required.

* Participate, support and guide the middle manager regarding the CCM program.

* Mentor, develop and provide on-the-job training to subordinates to strengthen their cur rent performance and prepare for future advancement.

* Review and provide final approval for all beverage team evaluations completed by the Head Bartender and Head Sommelier, including approval of position change.

* Oversee and respond to any culinary HR-related issues with the Food & Beverage Director.

* Ensure that all beverage department crewmembers follow the rules and regulations of the ship.

* Schedule and monitor completion of training and familiarization of new job responsibilities and living environment for new crewmembers.

* Ensure that all performance evaluations are completed according to company standards.




* Responsible for controlling beverage and general expenses related to production set by the Corporate Office Guidelines and Budget.

* Maintain an excellent awareness of cost control within team.

* Possess ability to read and interpret any financial report generated by the SSSL system.

*Strictly adhere to allocated budget and timeframes, i.e. cruise, season, quarter, year, etc.

* Control overtime and apply TAR procedures according to set budget perimeters.

* Evaluate crew members for potential promotion and incentive programs.

Safety Responsibilities

* Ensure that all safety procedures are followed.

* Cooperate with the Staff Captain in adhering to the Ship’s Safety Program.

* Follow the Ship Rules & Regulations.

* Participate in safety drills according to instructions.

* Comply with the safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures of the company.

*Responsible for the Monthly Safety Awareness Training and any relevant SMS follow up.

* Possess knowledge of the Human Resources Manual and shipboard training.

* Maintain a high level of crew morale within the beverage department, ensuring that all crew are treated in a fair and unbiased manner.

* Liaise with HR Scheduling Manager after each crew movement and send the updated crew rotation list to all personnel involved.

Other Duties and Responsibilities

* Ensure crew satisfaction and welfare.

* Initiate and participate in the Cocktail Demonstration and wine tastings as required.

* Monitor loading for quality assurance and support if needed.

* Attend early stand-by for any inspection.

* Other duties as assigned.

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • 5 years of experience in the beverage field of luxury hotels and cruise line brands
  • Excellent understanding of wine and beverage specifications
  • Outstanding knowledge of Vessel Sanitation Program regulations and procedures
  • Versed in budgeting and cost control, including but not limited to the reading and interpreting of inventory reports, cost reports and monthly financial statements
  • Fluent in written and spoken English
  • Shipboard experience preffered

Contract length: 6 months on / 2 months off

Salary: 2800 $ - 3200 $

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo
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