Assistant Chief Housekeeper Oceania

The major goal of this position is to assist the Chief Housekeeper in the efficient running of the
Housekeeping Department in line with the Company’s Standards, Rules and Regulations.

The Assistant Chief Housekeeper main objective is the achievement of Company’s Standards in all
assigned Housekeeping areas.
Ability to take over from the Chief Housekeeper if necessary.
Responsible to supervise the day today cleaning and maintenance of all area assigned the housekeeping.
Thoroughly inspects all designated areas, ensuring Standards and Guest’s Satisfaction.
Must ensure that his/her subordinates follow their schedules and produce the required tasks as per
job descriptions and Management instructions.
Ensures that the Housekeeping crewmembers are well groomed and in proper uniform when reporting
for duty.
Meets the new employees and explains the Ship’s Rules and Regulations, and onboard
routines, introducing them to their duties and job descriptions. Must notify the Chief Housekeeper of
any cases of indiscipline or poor performance.
Gives scheduled training to assigned crew with emphasis to their job specifications
and techniques, including the United States Public Health standards and onboard Garbage separation as per the Waste Management Program.
Coaches and evaluates his subordinates.
Responsible for the requisition of the materials needed for the operation of his/her assigned
area of the operation.
Must inventory and control all housekeeping consumables in his/her assigned area.
Must be known to operate and maintain all equipments use in the housekeeping department.
Must be knowledgeable of the ship’s events and schedules in order to accurately answer to
possible Guest’s questions.
Handles Guest’s special requests and complaints and reports them to the Chief Housekeeper.
Must have the ability to conduct training related to all areas of the housekeeping ensuring employees
product knowledge and techniques to perform in his/her position as required.
Must have the ability to plan and arrange special events. 

Minimum experience and qualification requirements for position:
  • A minimum of three years related experience in the hospitality trade as an Assistant Housekeeper in a first class hotel/ vessel
  • High School education or higher.

Contract length: 6 months

Salary: 2800$GTEE

Necessary documents:
  • CV
  • Passport or ID card
  • Photo

Attached documents:
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